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Mandeville Primary's top three heading to schools of their choice

Published:Wednesday | June 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Mandeville Primary and Junior High School's Romelia Wilson, Trishauna Davis and Kayandri Green.

Results for the Grade Six Achievement Test were significantly better for most schools last year in comparison to this year. However, Mandeville Primary and Junior High School, though daunted by the missed target, is acknowledging the success of its highest performers -Romelia Wilson, Trishauna Davis and Kayandri Green who will not only become graduates of the institution come June 30, but will carry on a tradition of attending institutions their parents went to.

Romelia Wilson has secured the title of top girl for 2016 and will be heading to Manchester High with a 94 per cent average.

"It feels real good to be the top girl. When I heard I was the top girl I screamed. I didn't plan to be the top girl, I just went into the exam room to work hard enough to pass for my first choice," she said.

Romelia is happy the preparation process is over and her hard work has paid off.

"I had to give up my tablet, which I was very attached to, and give up TV to just study books; it was so stressful. I normally sing, dance and play with my baby cousin for fun, but some of that I had to give up.




"My family and friends motivated me and my parents promised me a lot of things, including a laptop, a phone, and clothes. I did well, so I will certainly be collecting," beamed the aspiring lawyer, accountant and model.

Meanwhile, come September, Trishauna will also be heading to Manchester High, the school of her first choice with a 93 per cent average.

"The exam was kind of stressful.

My weakest subject, which is science, I had to go over a lot because I found it hard to remember all that I needed to. My favourite subject is math and I ended up getting 99 in that", she said.

Right up there with Trishauna is Kayandri Green, who also has a 93 per cent average but will be heading to DeCarteret College.

"I was excited when I heard I passed for my first choice. I really thought I was going to be placed at my third choice because I didn't think I did well enough to go to my first choice, but my parents really motivated me."