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Future Energy Corporation Donates Solar System to Campion College

Published:Wednesday | June 29, 2016 | 2:11 PMKeisha Hill
The solar system donated by Future Energy Corporation to Campion College.
Future Energy Corporation donates solar system to Campion College and hosts renewable energy workshop with students.

Future Energy Corporation (FEC) recently donated and commissioned a solar system at Campion College, one of the island's leading secondary institutions. Since the installation, the school has saved more than $1 million on their electricity consumption to date.

The solar technology used was installed in Latin America and the Caribbean for the first time and represents cutting-edge features that allow solar panels to produce higher output in shaded conditions.

According to Kwame Hall, vice-president of operations at Future Energy Corporation, FEC's engagement with youth stems from its belief that economies that develop fastest belong to societies that nurture their youth to develop generations of enlightened and high-impact leaders.

FEC also hosted a solar energy workshop at the school to familiarise the students regarding the future of solar technology. The presentation included how solar technology has transformed the global energy industry and advances in solar technology.

"From my interaction with these impressive young students at Campion, I can say that the future of Jamaica will be in good hands. These Campionites asked some excellent questions, which showed that they are doing research and preparing themselves to lead the clean-energy future," Hall said.