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Jamaican among Atlanta top doctors

Published:Wednesday | July 20, 2016 | 12:00 AMBarbara Ellington
Dorothy Pine McLarty (left) has the ear of her host, Audrey Hinchcliffe, at the party.
From left: Dr Errol Daley and his wife, Pamella, spend time with Dr Annette Hinchcliffe-Mosely.
Dr Annette Hinchcliffe-Mosely
A family affair from left: Matthew Hinchcliffe, his grandmother Audrey Hinchcliffe, son-in-law Leslie Mosely, his wife Dr Annette Hinchcliffe-Mosely and her brother Garth Hinchcliffe.

She has been giving excellent service to her young patients for many years so it came as no surprise when Dr Annette Hinchcliffe-Mosely made the list of Atlanta's Top Doctors for 2016.

It was only natural therefore, that on a recent trip visit home, mother Audrey Hinchcliffe hosted a dinner in her daughter's honour and invited her closest friends to join in the celebration.

"It automatically means more referrals, it will be a great source of encouragement to her patients and it will boost her patient ratings in the social media landscape like my website, on Facebook and Twitter etc."

That will be the icing on the cake following a lavish congratulatory reception in Atlanta.

Dr Hinchcliffe-Mosely is still very happy to have been chosen, the positive comments from her patients and the general recognition from her wider community are heart-warming.

In her practice, Dr Hinchcliffe-Mosely sees patients from infant to age 21 and of all races, but she is passionate about treating patients suffering from asthma.

Having had to cope with and care for her son who has asthma, she said, "It is my goal keep children who have asthma out of hospital, to that end I have even developed an asthma action plan for my patients and it include colour-coded days which tells them what to do when there are certain symptoms," she said.

Like all medical doctors ought to do, Dr Hinchcliffe- Mosely stays on the cutting-edge of medical knowledge by getting the required 40 hours of continuing education annually. "We are board certified and these courses are necessary for doctors' to be kept abreast of current trends in medicine," Hinchcliffe- Mosely said.

The Top Doctor award will definitely help to her name even further in Atlanta as over the next 20 years Hinchcliffe Mosely and her team aim to do an even better job for her patients who are a mixture of Chinese, Caucasians, Indians and Jamaicans.


Childhood passion


"We see and provide treatment for people from all walks of life; we promote a healthy lifestyle while giving everyone the best service," she said.

Hinchcliffe-Mosely is living her childhood passion, having always wanted to be a doctor. "I love what I do, I love treating the children because they are so resilient, they will be very sick but they bounce back. Being a doctor is not all about money and so not everyone is cut out to be a paediatrician," she noted.

With so many people not turning to the Internet to personally treat their symptoms, Hinchcliffe-Mosely advises her patients through handouts that she provides in her office. She says a big part of her job is listening to the parents and being compassionate but firm with them. "I tell them that they don't have to like me, like how I treat your child; my task is to be true - not popular."