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The Haughtons seal the deal to make a happy home

Published:Thursday | July 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Most people leave university with a degree, but others are lucky and privileged to leave with not only a degree, but a life partner. And that was the case for newlyweds Kerry-Ann Irving and Davey Haughton.

It may not have been love at first sight, but when Kerry and Davey were first in each other's presence, there was instant admiration.

"We met at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in 2010. I was led to Kerry because of her persona - in terms of her confidence, cheerfulness and generosity." said Davey, a youth empowerment officer at the Ministry of Education Youth and Information.

For Kerry, who works as an administrative officer at NCTVET HEART Trust NTA, it was Davey's "intelligence and confidence and the fact that he always had a lot to say and had unique opinions on any idea he was questioned about".

It was a no-brainer for persons who would see them together that the two would soon click and move on to build a relationship.

"We started dating in 2010, and our first date was in New York, where we spent an entire day from around 9 am to 8:30 pm at the AMC Theatre and we never got bored because we love watching movies," explained Kerry.

But beyond the many movie nights, walks in the park, and simply just chatting and laughing, the best date night for them both was the proposal night.

"We usually go to the movies or set up our apartments like a movie theatre. Either that or we go to restaurants for fine dining. But my most memorable date was the engagement night. We loved going to Spanish Court, so I thought it was just a regular date. Davey isn't good at surprising me, so for him to have pulled off a big surprise like what he did, it really was my most memorable moment. Seeing the rose petals on the table - I mean, he was all-out romantic at that time!"

"While we were eating, I realised he was very pensive, but that's how he is, so I wasn't paying that any mind. He then told me that he was going up on the balcony, and I asked him why he wanted to go by himself, but I allowed him."

Kerry beamed as she recounted the night that brought her to her forever: "After he was gone for about 10 ten minutes, I texted my sister, miserable now because me and this man having dinner and him just get up and gone for so long. Shortly after, a waitress came and told me that my boyfriend wanted to meet me on the terrace. I followed her, and when she opened the door, I saw red rose petals and Davey on his knees. I froze! When I came back to myself, I was leaning on a post speechless. Knowing Davey, he gave a long speech but I didn't hear a thing (laughing), but when he asked, 'Do me the honour of marrying me?'"

After six years of courting, the two recently sealed the deal at Hope Gardens in Kingston.


"The wedding, for me, was perfect. Just as how I told the planner, all was done perfectly. It was held at Hope Gardens, and we had a water ceremony where we had three objects: two small ones, which represented each of our lives. We held those two small jars of pure water, then we had a middle jar with a blue substance. There was a citation on character and then the symbolic merger of our characters - with God at the centre."

She added: "The reception was really pure comedy as Johnny Daley was the emcee. Davey and I did a choreographed piece for our first dance, and the night ended with everybody hitting the dance floor and them moving on to doing the electric slide."

For the newlyweds, living together can be a little challenging, but the Haughtons believe it's all about accepting one's flaws and making sacrifices.

"Davey is very clean and extremely tidy. He organises everything, but I am learning to just let him and not be annoyed at him when he insists on rearranging everything and cleaning all the time." said Kerry.

And Davey does the same: "Kerry is not as organised as I. This frustrates me, but I try to be patient and understanding as she usually does her best."

With a marriage held together by God, love, trust, and effective communication, Kerry is looking forward to "Davey's jokes, learning to play chess with him and watching and helping him achieve his greatest dream".

"I am looking forward to sharing a family and new experiences together. I am also looking forward to watching and helping her achieve her goals," said Davey.