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Superstar Usain Bolt gets his own room in Rio

Published:Wednesday | August 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Usain Bolt at the team hotel in Rio, Brazil

Jovan Johnson, Staff Reporter

Jamaicans are just about settling in the athletes' village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but while most of them have to share accommodation, global sprinting icon, Usain Bolt, has been given his own room because of his "superstar" status.  

"Sometimes you make allowances for superstars but we don't have the luxury of many people (being) able to get single rooms," said team manager, Ludlow Watts on Power 106 FM's sports programme, Power Play Wednesday evening.

Watts, who manages the 63-member Jamaican team added that the air-conditioned rooms are "not like what you see in a hotel".

"(In) each little block you have four people. A living room, a common area and then two rooms on each side. So we have four beds in each little sector," he said.

The Jamaican Olympic delegation moved into the athletes' village today after participating in the mandatory training camp.

Watts said his team will have to work to ensure a smooth period for the athletes because it's not a "perfect situation" in terms of the number of beds.

IN PHOTO: Ludlow Watts

"We just have to make it work," he said.

The Brazil organisers have been criticised for the "basic" 31 17-storey towers to accommodate 11,000 athletes and 6,000 coaches from around the world.

The towers have been outfitted with a 24-hour cafeteria, beauty salon and florist.

Each room of the 3,604 apartments has been furnished with metal beds, bedside tables and disposable wardrobes made with recycled fabric.

Air conditioners were installed late as part of the response to the Zika virus threat.

The women's football programme of the Games started Wednesday but the sporting spectacle will not be officially opened until Friday. 

It will run until August 21.