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Bishop takes issue with Jamaican Coat of Arms, says it it portrays an image of war

Published:Friday | August 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM

One religious leader has taken issue with the Jamaican coat of arms saying the national emblem should be changed because it portrays an image of war which Jamaica does not need given current crime rate.

Addressing an event promoting violence-free communities in Spanish Town, St  Catherine, Bishop Rowan Edwards said Jamaica should not have a coat of arms with a crocodile adding that there are several other symbols that can be used instead.

Bishop Edwards who pastors the Lighthouse Assembles Church in Spanish Town has also criticised the two Tainos on the coat of arms saying the bow in the man's hand is a symbols of violence.


Bishop Rowan Edwards

Edwards says Jamaica needs to wipe out everything that suggests violence, adding that he will rally other churches in his quest to change the coat of arms.


Bishop Rowan Edwards