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Steve Lyston | Too much stress! Let the change begin

Published:Thursday | August 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Many are committing suicide because of stress-related issues. As a result of the economy, crime, injustice and other such issues, it is getting harder for many to cope in today's environment.

Furthermore, the work environment is becoming more toxic daily. Many companies are carrying out staff reduction in order to survive. One person is doing the job of two or three persons. Meanwhile, some are going for long hours without additional pay. Also, greed has increased and so has the hunger of some of those in key positions in the organisation, who are placing greater value on the machines rather than the human beings!

When jobs are hard to find, many start abusing their employees - some even sexually; and it is more difficult for some to get justice when only a handful can afford legal fees. Gone are the days when trade unions were vibrant and said that they would stand up for the rights of the employees. It is disappointing to see that even the trade unions agree with the flexi-work week! Even slaves were afforded a day where they could spiritually recharge.

There are many who are buckling under the pressure of stress, which results in more murders and suicides. Many will criticise people when they buckle under the pressure, but not everyone has the level of faith to withstand financial pressures, family situations and other factors coming against then.

The family is broken from all the battering it has been going through over many years. Various injustices and attacks have been meted out to the institution of family. Many countries, in order to gain economic development within a nation and bring in investors, provide no protection for the local workforce. Foreigners no longer respect the nation. Even when people are sick, their employers want to go against the doctor's instructions; and the employees go (oftentimes) because they are the only breadwinners in their family unit. I have always said that when an employer employs someone, then they are also taking that new employee's entire family, so the employers' decisions affect the entire family.


The organisation must always ensure that its staff members are the most important persons as they are the internal customers. There is no way an organisation must give away millions of dollars to 'dead works'. Even for politicians who waste a great deal on their campaigns - and when a member of staff asks for assistance they are told, 'It is not in the budget!' - it is appalling. It could be that they need the money to send their child to school - which would ultimately benefit the company and the nation.

The push by many in the society to have a secular agenda, particularly within the workforce, by removing any form of Christian Spiritual Upliftment and replacing it with the 'Wellness' principles - pushing New Age doctrine and principles which cannot replace God's presence when we fellowship and commune with Him. A counterfeit presence cannot replace God's presence.

We need special attention and help in certain professions if we ever want to see change within a nation - particularly among security personnel, health professionals, heads of state, teachers, operations personnel, and even pastors.

Only a spirit-filled environment will be able to refill and recharge those persons who are in stressful environments. The workplace needs to encourage devotions on a regular basis, and even have spirit-filled chaplains who will minister to the needs of those who need it and it would ultimately benefit the organisation in the long run. Factories and warehouses, as well as the construction industry, would benefit.


Employees, and in particular the human resources, need to have a system set up where they will visit their employees' homes from time to time to see how they live. This will increase the organisation's productivity, and employers will have better knowledge of staff and management relationship.

The Government should have a partnership with local churches and help to set up 24-hour counselling centres. This will help not only the workforce, but also be beneficial to the community and assist significantly in conflict resolution and crime reduction.

Pastors need to begin or increase house-to-house visitation to see what their congregants are going through, so that they can better serve them and their families.

Finally, the media also need to promote more positive and uplifting things and lift the standard, because there is too much negativity in the environment, which is causing defilement and greater stress on society. Stop wasting space

promoting immorality and perversion, which are poisoning the atmosphere.

People need hope, encouragement and motivation! Let the change begin!