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Build more reservoirs in Central Jamaica – clean energy developer

Published:Thursday | October 27, 2016 | 10:24 AM
The Hermitage Dam and the Mona Reservoir in Kingston.

Clean energy developer, David Cooke, is recommending that the Jamaican authorities move quickly to build at least three reservoirs in central Jamaica to increase the country's water storage capacity and energy sources. 

Cooke, who is based in Canada made the recommendation during a presentation yesterday on clean energy at the Organisation Of Caribbean Utility Regulators conference, now underway in St James.

He said Manchester and St Elizabeth are ideal locations because of their higher elevations, when compared with areas in Kingston and St Andrew.

He said the cheapest large-scale energy storage method is water storage, adding that when there is a high need for electricity, the water can be released to produce the power. 


Clean energy developer, David Cooke

St Elizabeth, Manchester, St Ann and Clarendon make up much of central Jamaica and have elevations above 1,000 feet.