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EduCom visits Maxfield

Published:Monday | October 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM
From Left: Tremaine Morgan, marketing and promotions officer, EduCom; Jennifer Barnett, store keeper at Maxfield; Marva Blake-Jarrett, a caregiver; Richard Lawrence, child care coordinator; Delroy Scarlett, sales and marketing manager for EduCom; Peta-Gay Campbell and Leighton Walker, – member care representatives; and Monique Davidson, public relations and communications officer, participate in the gift presentation by EduCom.

Each year, EduCom Co-operative Credit Union Limited celebrates International Credit Union Week in October.

As part of its Soup N' Soap Initiative, EduCom solicits donation from staff, either by cash or kind, and its sponsor, Kirk Distributors, who provide oral health kits for the children. This year, the team visited the Maxfield Park Children's Home and sought to give back to some of the more vulnerable members of our society. As a group, EduCom was able to engage the students through games and provided light refreshments for the day.