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Freedom only comes with Jesus – Soyinka Seguin

Published:Wednesday | December 28, 2016 | 9:17 PM
Soyinka Seguin says he has never regretted the choice he made as a six-year-old.

Soyinka Seguin has been a Christian for 12 years. What makes this revelation amazing is the fact that he's only 18 years old.

Seguin told Family and Religion that he was always curious and passionate about religion and God.

He said it was this interest that led him to the dip of change.

According to him: "I was baptised on my sixth birthday at the Rehoboth Apostolic Church in St Thomas and I've been a member there to this day! I was born in the church, but I gave my life to Jesus when I learnt of how He suffered to save us from hell. The walk is not an easy one, but as Paul, I'm encouraged to go on knowing God's grace is sufficient to keep me."

The young man admits that God has been and continues to be faithful to him.

Recounting an incident that happened just last month, Seguin says this faithfulness was reaffirmed.

"I was walking home and doing the unsafe practice of walking on the road and texting. The thought came to me to put away the phone to prevent being hit. Upon approaching a steep corner, my battery died. I thought to myself, 'I guess God did this'.

"While putting away the phone in my bag, a truck passed and hit me on the elbow," he said, adding that though the damage was not serious, he believes that it was God who stepped in.

"I had to share that testimony with my church, and I broke down in tears and worshipped when I thought of the fact I could have died," he said.


Contrary to what people may think, Seguin says that he has never regretted the choice he made as a six-year-old.

"I am happy that I did from such an early age and I'm grateful for those who encouraged me in the down times. It's not an easy road as it's been all my life in the church and I've never had the experience of what's outside.

"I once felt as an outcast, but I've learned that not all that glitters is gold, and I've seen the reality of the world and the show that's put on. Also, I've been encouraged by even those in the world to stay inside as it's not pretty out there. At times, you'll see others revelling and seem to be happy, but freedom comes only with Jesus; He's the way, the truth and the life. Yes, at times the world is enticing, looks good out there, but I was taught by people inside and outside the Church that not all that glitters is gold."

Seguin also had a word of encouragement for those who believe that they are too young to make a commitment to Christ.

"One is never too young to die. The scripture encourages young people to come to Christ when they're young. A lot of time is invested in our future on this Earth, in our families, career, and so on, but most of our time should be invested in preparing ourselves for the return of Jesus. He's coming back as a frowning judge, therefore excuses of 'doing good' only won't work. A relationship with Jesus will save you when He returns, and that is what Christianity really is. One wouldn't allow a total stranger to live with Him, so if you haven't had a relationship with Christ, you can't expect to hear 'well done".