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Diary of the Ghetto Priest | Our nation and the need of an identity with Christ

Published:Thursday | March 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMRichard Ho Lung
"This country needs to be ruled by men and women who take God and His will as the prime objective."

As we get away from liberalism, it seems that a morally-minded leader is of the greatest importance in Jamaica today.

In the 1960s, there was a total rejection of morality, and, it was considered a superimposition on everyone's freedom. As the popular Beatles song goes, "all you need is love".

Universities rejected dogma, commandments, law; poetry became impressionistic, surrealistic, hints of, rather than statements of truth. Nobody could speak of right or wrong. The result is moral chaos. Now we are in a world of absolute subjectivity. Everyone is doing their 'own thing'. Everyone is expected to find their own values. There is no objective truth. It's as if there is no common principle applicable to all of us as human beings. Each man or woman must find their own self-definition. Each person must rediscover or discover his/her own meaning in life.

We are in a world or civilisation of free fall. That is why the divorce rate is now 60-70 per cent in the US. That is why marriage is arbitrary in the 'advanced' world which spreads to the Third World and to other countries less monied and dependent on the values of Europe, America and other 'progressive' countries. As T.S. Eliot observes, "we move progressively backwards".

We can't speak of 'decent' people anymore. We can't accept 'good manners' and 'civility' anymore. It is laughed at and even attacked to be Christian. We must be a ragamuffin, whether we are rich, middle class or poor.

Yet God's Commandments remain deep in our hearts, whether they are known or unknown, whether they are pursued or not. That's God's order. That's His commandment for all men and women. The Ten Commandments are the route to good order; they are the source of all the statutes and commandments of the Mosaic Law. They are finally summarised by the two great Commandments of Jesus: "Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, your whole mind, your whole soul, your whole strength and, love your neighbour as yourself." Jesus the Son of God articulated, then suffered and sacrificed for our sins and wickedness.

For hundreds and thousands of years, people seek out the ways of God. Nothing delighted the people of God more than to have the power of God, the love of God, and the person of God with them - 'Your law is a lantern to my steps'. There is a deep desire in all of us to find and follow God's commands.

The deep relationship with God the Father and Creator of all, the revelation of who God is, in His Son Jesus Christ, the stirring of truth and genuine love by the Holy Spirit bring us to the one true objective reality of who we are and who are called to be: "Ecce Homo" (behold the man!). This is our true identity and purpose and goal in life: true God and true man, and all of us doing what God commands for our common humanity and brotherhood.

A nation built on the identity of Christ will certainly bring about order. This has been done for more than 2000 years throughout the world. It is the richest spiritual reality, but being like Christ, and fulfilling His way and deeds. It is now waning.

... New slavery controlling other nations by money power

Our political leaders and religious leaders, can't we see that Christianity is the foundation of Jamaica's life? Can't we see that it is being attacked? Can't you see that Europe and America are practical atheists, totally driven by money, power, violence, and the desire to be absolute in their control of every nation through the slavery of money, loans, debts and technology, under the pretence of globalisation and one-world alliance?

Let us get away from the new shackles of being under financial slavery that is so atheistic, agnostic, materialistic and secularist.

This is the new slavery: the control of other nations by the power of money and debt, rather than by whips, chains and prisons.


Spiritual resources


We should avoid the definition of Jamaica as a Mammon capital by turning to our good Lord, using our resources, our natural gifts our intellects and our deep spiritual resources. They make us inventive and capable of peace and contentment, rather than seeking to be a Little America or Europe.

I believe that the Christian Church is terribly important in recreating order in our island. There needs be renewal; there needs be marriage family; and also production according to our land, and our talents. There needs to be God's law and Commandments, and, the presence of God Himself in our daily life and in our nation. There needs to be an insistence on a country ruled by God, God's ways and God's commands.

This country needs to be ruled by men and women who take God and His will as the prime objective, and the deep faith and belief in justice and mercy - which is totally ignored by the rich, powerful and advanced countries of today.

Jamaica, why not be ourselves? Why not be who we are - Ecce Homo? A moral and spiritual people, rich with talent and resources who live by the law of God.