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Legitimacy of Hanover PDC being questioned

Published:Tuesday | April 18, 2017 | 11:58 AMBryan Miller

Western Bureau:

The legitimacy of the current executive of the Hanover Parish Development Committee (PDC) is being questioned, as the group's annual general meeting (AGM) is said to be more than one year overdue.

The matter of the committee's failure to hold the overdue AGM was raised at the recent monthly meeting of the Hanover Municipal Corporation. The leadership of the parish's Social Development Commission (SDC) and the municipal corporation agreed on a joint meeting with the executives of the PDC to settle the matter of the AGM and resolve the issues of concern. The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at the corporation's meeting room in Lucea.


When Cleveland Wright, the chairman of the PDC, was contacted by The Gleaner, he said it was the lack of a proper structure within the western end of the parish, along with work being carried out on a constitution for the organisation, which has caused the delay in

having the AGM.

According to Wright, only nine out of 13 Community Development Committees (CDCs) from the western end of the parish are functional. He said it was the intention of his executive to get all 13 up and running before the AGM was held.

"In the entire Lucea/Green Island area, there is no functional group," said Wright. He said that he hoped that within another two months, an AGM would be held whether or not his group was successful in resuscitating the non-functioning CDCs.