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Vlogs R Us - St Thomas youth providing new media services to residents

Published:Wednesday | April 19, 2017 | 12:00 AM

MORANT BAY, St Thomas:

Gradually turning photography into a family practice in St Thomas is Renard Crawford and company with their young organisation already popularly known as VlogsRUsJa.

The new media services group began in 2013 by a group of university students from St Thomas, who were just fooling around with talent and technology.

"We found there was a passion in making videos, photographs, and creative visuals, but first it was all for fun; or I would say, it was our way of taking our minds off the hardships of university.

"After three years of fun, we realised that we are about to leave school and enter into the real world, so we decided to start a business," said Crawford, who is the CEO and co-founder of the group.




The young men pooled their talents, fuelling Vlogs R Us Media Services as one of the go-to local organisations for an array of services which include wedding packages, photography, videography, statistical data analysis, mobile app designs, graphic designing, video ads, and drone facilities.

Crawford, who is from the Dumphries community, recently completed his bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in marketing and a minor in productions operations management at the University of Technology.

The 24-year-old told Rural Xpress that the initiative has grown tremendously and according to him, "recreated the creative needs of households in St Thomas" with its family-focused photography, which includes maternity and kiddies' shoots.

He said he lives by the philosophy 'growth is always a wonderful miracle manifested by time. It is what represents the past and shapes the future.'




According to him: "I believe in growth and service quality improvement. The aim is to provide the best quality services for our clients and continued relationships throughout our existence. We also value our clients, and as such, customer relation is vital in our group as we ensure interaction and mutual understanding among ourselves and our clientele."

Alongside Crawford on the Vlog team are Hakeem Henderson, co-founder and PRO; Davane Davis, co-founder, video editor and graphic designer; Dudley Clarke, graphic designer; Jowaine Tyrell, photographer; and Patrico Tyrell, statistician and strategic adviser.

Crawford, who is also one of the main photographers in the group, told Rural Xpress that he hopes to continue to conceptualise creative business ideas in order to develop the parish of St Thomas and its youth.

"With God's help, I want to grow into the international market as well, because globalisation is the world's driving force," he said.