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Steve Lyston | Biblical principles to solve the nation's problems

Published:Sunday | April 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Regardless of the economic goals a nation has, it is extremely difficult to achieve them if the family is broken. Unless the institution known as family becomes a priority, those economic goals will not be achieved. We must necessarily begin effectively dealing with common-law relationships and children being born out of wedlock.

We can’t achieve the movement from poverty to prosperity by ignoring moral values, nor by dishonouring biblical principles, which are God’s laws to govern a nation.

Deuteronomy 2:1-14 specifically teaches us that blessings belong to us when we adhere to God’s laws and precepts. It is not about a few cash-rich countries that will get us on the path to prosperity as they invest in our nation. They are going to get out more than they invest. Meanwhile, the next generation will have nothing to get.

A few years ago, the Lord revealed while I was in prayer that because the nation refuses to practice biblical principles and is instead looking to wealthy nations and people to bail the nation out, our sovereignty is going to be at stake. The Lord also revealed that we would see many single-term administrations, and also that the poor would be the ones to feel these woes the hardest. He said the land and infrastructure would be out of our hands, so we will see Deuteronomy 28: 15-28 being fulfilled in our midst.

Biblical principles teach us that nations should have a fair distribution of resources; and that can only take place when people look to God, who will teach us how to distribute the resources (Mark 6:41). We must look to God for help, and we must give thanks for the resources and divide it all equally and fairly. We must ensure that we are accountable for the fragmentation within the nation.

Even when a nation budgets to spend a certain amount, it is only when we commit it to God that we see it work according to plan. No politician can deal with the needs of the people, only God can. Only with God’s wisdom can job creation be a genuine reality that gives work to idle hands instead of floating around the same pool of already-employed individuals. It is easy to write a financial plan, but are you getting the backing of Heaven?

Regardless of how small our resources are, when we commit it all to Him, He will turn it around. Nothing is too small to create a financial flow. Remember the five loaves and two fishes?


Before any physical or financial renewal can take place within a nation, there has to be spiritual renewal first. Then we will have blessing and restoration on the land; fertility will replace death and barrenness, and spiritual and natural rain will fall and flow in the nation.

Biblical principles speaks against the divestment of a nation and/or its resources. Many politicians may not care, because as far as they are concerned ­ in today, out tomorrow. We cannot speak of growing an economy when we don’t practise biblical principles ­ tilling the ground and farming must be our number one focus for job creation and sustainable development. Management of human resource, which includes talents and gifts, must be at the forefront for economic and social development. If we look at the budgets for Third-World nations, those areas are sorely neglected.

Biblical principles support higher taxes for the wealthy. Everybody can’t be paying the same tax rate. Even nations are assessed based on their ability to pay in several international circles. There should be some sort of assessment scale that allows those at the lower end of the pay scale to pay a lower tax rate, and a ceiling set for those at the higher end of that pay scale. Furthermore, putting leaders in strategic positions needs careful spiritual guidance before they are selected.

The most critical areas that nations will have to deal with are job creation, education for those five to 17 years of age, migration, crime and violence, humanitarian relief, poverty eradication, housing for lower-income persons, an extensive food production programme, and occupational safety and health.

The concept of biblical principles is not about dealing with just one set of persons, it is applicable to all for the benefit of all. While many continue to ignore the principles and are looking to man and to other nation, we are about to see many countries plunge into famine.