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Nickira George is daddy’s girl, and loving it!

Published:Thursday | May 4, 2017 | 1:21 PM
Nickira George and the man she calls Daddy.

A father is every daughter's first love, and this is personified by the bond shared by Nickira George and the man she calls Daddy.

With a relationship built on trust and emotional dependence, George and her father are a pair to be reckoned with!

"We have a great father-daughter bond! I wouldn't ask for a better relationship. it's really one of the best I've ever had. Daddy means the world to me. I mean, I do love my mother, too, but I love him more! To be honest, I'm kinda head over heels in love with him," she laughed.

But it was not always so between the two.

The 24-year-old woman said that in her earlier years she was a bit doubtful about her father's love for her.

According to her: "Though it was always there, I didn't feel or see it because I always thought that my sister got all the love. As it turned out, it wasn't so at all. he loved both of us unconditionally."

George told Family & Religion that the secret to their bond is honesty.

being myself

"The relationship came about by just being myself around him, talking to him, listening to him, and also being his best friend. Also, I try to work very hard so he can be proud of my accomplishments," she said.

With insecurities out of the way, the two are inseparable, despite living countries apart.

"Honestly, being so far away from each other is hard because I only get to see him once per year, or so, but once he calls and keeps in touch, then I'm good. The long-distance relationship also makes the bond we share stronger because of the anxiety it causes, especially when I know I'm going to see him soon," she shared.

And when asked if she thought that she was too old to be a daddy's girl, she laughed and said: "Not at all! Age is just a number, and once you're a daddy's girl, you'll always be one!"