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Ask The Doc | Caught in the middle of Mom and Dad's argument over politics

Published:Monday | May 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Q: My father has decided to enter politics. My mother disagrees and it is causing a problem in the house. The children are all under 16. How do we cope?

A: There are pros and cons to public life. Politicians are needed to manage a country. Be supportive of your father and ask him to remember to plan family time. It will be very important for you all.

Q: When will there be some sanity in the country? So many people hurting each other. How are we to cope?

A: The sad truth is that there will always be hurting people. It is important that we look out for each other. Let us be good citizens and report crimes and support each other when bad situations occur.

Q: My stepson is 10 years old and not reading well. I am trying to encourage his mother to get him tested but she is hesitant. What should I do?

A: You may ask his father to encourage his son's mother to get him tested as this will help him. Your stepson may also need tutoring services for any learning problem he may be identified with..

- Orlean Brown-Earle, PhD, is a child psychologist and family therapist. Dr Brown-Earle works with children with learning and behavioural problems throughout the island and in the Caribbean. Email questions to or send to 'Ask the Doc', c/o The Gleaner Company, 7 North Street, Kingston. Responses to concerns are to be considered as general, as cases shared with psychologists privately would be queried more deeply. Pray always!