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Hanover authority takes hotel developer to court for ignoring stop order

Published:Tuesday | May 9, 2017 | 8:31 PM

The Hanover Municipal Corporation has taken a decision to seek a court injunction in relation to a hotel development near Rutland Point in Negril.

The developer has, allegedly, been constructing and expanding buildings without the requisite permit and has also been ignoring a stop order issued by the corporation.

The mayor of Lucea and chairman of the municipal corporation, Sheridan Samuels, says the developer, who recently took control of the former 'Our Past Time hotel property, started construction without a building permit.

Samuels says the name of the property was also changed without the local authority being informed.

Samuels says the corporation’s records also show that two stop notices were initially placed on the hotel development by the National Environment and Planning Agency and the Negril Green Island Area Local Planning Authority.

But he says those two stop orders were also disregarded.

The developer of the property could not be reached for comment.