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Hello Mi Neighbour | What kind of leader are you?

Published:Tuesday | May 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! I've discovered that in some way we are all leaders: political leaders, business leaders, religious leaders, private leaders, etc. I have also discovered that leaders fall into three categories: true leaders, misleaders and 'mixed leaders'. True leaders tell the truth at all times. Mixed leaders always mix truth and lies (they're most deadly) - sometimes they tell the truth, sometimes they tell lies. "Kill dem ded". Misleaders would do no such thing they are straight liars. A quick poll: where would you place our political leaders? Voting is private, but we know your leaning. However if you so desire, please respond on the Hello Mi Neighbour Facebook page. So, what kind of leader are you?

According to the manual, a leader is a person or a thing who guides or leads. The conductor guides the band, orchestra, choir etc.

The lead goat leads the tribe to their destination. Some leaders lead like goats or think they're leading goats ( just threw that in for comic relief).

To be elected as a leader in any calling, one needs to be schooled in the art of leadership and that has nothing to with the heart.

Truth be told, from a business or political standpoint, those who lead from the heart aren't good leaders. The greater one's capacity to 'stifle the heart', the greater the respect and the faster the promotion. But, let that slide for now.

We speak of characteristics of good leaders and bad leaders.


Good Leaders


According to some experts, good leaders are characterised by:

- Honesty - Always doing the honest thing.

- Focus - distinctness or clarity of vision and mission

-Passion - having a strong passion for results

- Respect - showing respect to all despite their station in life

- Compassion - motivated to go out of their way to help others

- A collaborative spirit - willing to work with others in accomplishing goals

- A communicative spirit - not withholding vital information from followers

And the list goes on ad infinitum


Bad leaders


Bad leaders are the exact

opposite. In addition, they:

- zap the energy and enthusiasm of others

- have no problem with mediocrity

- lack clear vision and direction.

- keep vital information to their bosom

- thrive on gossip - base their decision on it

- attack the worker rather than their work

Again, this list goes on forever.


True leaders love others no less than themselves


And here's the question, have you wondered to what extent the attitudes of leaders in some organisations affect the health of employees? It's bad. Try a little survey one day.

I just read a study done by and published by Amy Rees Anderson. She reminds us that "life is short, but apparently it can become a lot shorter if you spend your days dealing with a bad boss". Screeeeeech! The study found that "77 per cent of employees experienced physical symptoms of stress from bad bosses". It also found that workers who had "inconsiderate or uncommunicative managers were 60 per cent more likely to suffer heart trauma".

Another study cited that workers who have poor relationships with their bosses are 30 per cent more likely to suffer coronary heart disease. Hmmmm...unnu si the big problem people collecting big bucks can cause?

So, what kind of leader are you? True leaders love others no less than themselves, and do no less than they would like others do unto them. Grant us true leaders lest we perish, Lord.

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