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Nestle hosts symposium on importance of iron for infants

Published:Wednesday | May 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Dr Lambert Innis (left), facilitator for the evening’s proceedings, and Nestle Jamaica Country Manager Daniel Caron (centre) take a few moments to listen to the Nestum nutritional advice from nutritional adviser Vania Richards.
Comprehensive Health Centre nurses (from left) Kemelia Coombs, Marvalee Belnavis and Andrea Carr perusing the health benefits of the Nestum cereal
The Nestum Corner inside the Nestlé Jamaica iron refortification symposium

Nestle has reformulated its NESTUM infant cereal portfolio to include additional iron in response to the needs of children for this important nutrient. The revelation was made at a symposium for health care professionals at the Knutsford Court Hotel, St Andrew, recently.

Titled 'Rationale for Feeding Normal Infants from Birth to One Year', keynote speaker for the symposium, Dr Jatinder Bhatia, MD, FAAP, professor of paediatrics, Augusta University, Atlanta, Georgia, in his presentation highlighted iron requirements as a specific need for infants.

The session was an interactive one with health professionals (including doctors, nurses, midwives and nutritionists) asking a range of questions related to Dr Bhatia's presentation. The overall sentiment of those in attendance was that they welcomed the symposium as part of the continuing discussion on this important topic in the Jamaican health sector.

The right nutrition during the first 1,000 days can have an important impact on a child's ability to grow and learn, and iron deficiency remains a public health concern for Jamaica.

In his address, Nestle Jamaica Country Manager Daniel Caron emphasised that Nestle was "very happy to be hosting a scientific forum of this nature here in Jamaica and look forward to continuing training and development initiatives. Nutrition is at the core of what we do and for more than 70 years we have contributed to the continuing education of the health care and nutrition community in a variety of subject areas, through our publications, workshops and other activities."