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Paul Bogle Memorial Gardens gets attention on Labour Day

Published:Wednesday | May 24, 2017 | 11:15 AM

STONY GUT, St Thomas:

The St Thomas Municipal Corporation took its annual Labour Day clean-up activities to one of the parish's historical landmarks, the Paul Bogle Memorial Gardens in Stony Gut.

Significantly known as the place Paul Bogle and his colleagues gathered before marching to Spanish Town to the governor to make his plea, the site is now home to Bogle's memorial.

Its lawns were on Tuesday coverged on by local organisations that participated in the beautification activities which entailed bushing, benching and planting.

A team from the St Thomas Municipal Corporation was joined by representatives from groups such as the St Thomas Youth Club, cadets, National Youth Service, National Solid Waste Management Authority, the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, and members from the Spring Gardens Citizens' Association.

Parish coordinator at the municipal corporation told Rural Xpress that the scope of work included bushing along the roadways leading to the heritage site.

She said the activities also included the planting of more than 200 palm trees that were contributed by a community member and other small plants, donated by the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, in and around the gardens.

Concrete tables and benches were also set up.

"It was a lovely day. Very productive. Thanks to all the persons who partnered with us and came out to support this activity. Despite the late start to the day, we can truly say it was a success. We plan to continue our partnership with the Jamaica National Heritage Trust to ensure the continal beautification and maintenance of the heritage site. This will not be our last day in Stony Gut," she assured.