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Doctor’s Advice | Can she cure her flat chest?

Published:Friday | June 2, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Q Hello, Doc. I am female, age 17, and I am not a success with boys. I know this is because I am flat-chested.

Yes, I only have quite small breasts. My size is 34 inches. There are other girls in my class who have busts of 38 or even 39, and they are very popular with guys.

I know that I am as pretty as they are. Plenty of people have told me that I am good-looking, but I think that boys take one look at my chest and decide that they don't want me as a girlfriend. As a result, I have never, ever been out with a guy.

What can I do, Doc? I have looked on the Internet, and I can see that there are thousands of things which give a girl bigger breasts. But which one should I choose?

A First of all, you should realise that big breasts are not everything! It is true that young men often tend to look at a girl's bust before deciding whether to ask her out. I assure you, however, that a pleasant personality and a sunny smile are considerably more important than a big bosom! And, most males prefer a woman with a pretty and friendly face to a sullen-looking female with large breasts.

Next thing to appreciate is that any young woman can make her bosom look better by always standing up, or sitting up, real straight, with shoulders back, and pushing her chest a little bit forward. Quite a lot of women who have flat chests tend to sit or stand with shoulders hunched, as though trying to hide their 'boobs' away.

Now, as you say, there are literally millions of websites which claim to help women get bigger breasts. To be frank, many of them just want to take your money! Very few of the products which they advertise will work. I advise you not to send anybody payment for any of these things.

Let us look at possibilities for enlarging your bosom. A few of them may perhaps help a little.

Here goes:

- Going on the Pill. The contraceptive Pill does produce a slight increase in breast size in many women. But I wouldn't advise taking this powerful medication just in order to produce (say) an increase in bust line from 34 inches to 35.

- Exercising the chest muscles. There are two muscles behind each breast, and technically it is possible to achieve a very minor increase in bustline by building these muscles up. There are people who want to sell you 'bust developers' to build up those muscles, but really you could do just as well by going in for 15 minutes of press-ups or 'wall presses' every day.

Alternatively, you could put your two palms together in a praying position, just in front of your chest, and repeatedly press them hard together. Don't expect miracles!

- Massaging the breasts. Some websites and magazines claim that you can enlarge your boobs by massaging them each day. I know of no medical evidence for this, but at least the practice is harmless.

- Eating 'breast enlarging' foods. There is also no evidence that this will work. But there are websites, which claim that eating papaya, or else eating nuts, gives larger breasts.

- Breast surgery. Yes, this can work. But it is real expensive and it carries risks. So what types of breast surgery are there? There are really two kinds:

Fat transfer augmentation - This has recently come to the fore in America. It involves removing fat from an unattractive 'bulgy' area of the body (like the waistline), and inserting it into the breasts. One website describes this as 'a win-win situation'. Well, it certainly is for the surgeon! But I am not so sure that this operation is always a great idea. There is a slight risk that the fat cells may actually die inside the breast, and so cause cysts.

Breast implantation - This is the operation used by cosmetic breast surgeons all over the world. It just involves inserting a little bag of silicone (or saline) into the breast, and so making it bigger. The results are good in a skilled surgeon's hands, but occasionally things go wrong. Also, the procedure is very expensive.

Finally, don't rush into any decisions. You may find that as you get older, your breasts naturally grow a little larger.

Q As a recently-engaged guy, could I rely on condoms for having sex with my fiancÈe?

A Yes, provided you use them as instructed! This means always putting on the condom before you enter your fiancÈe. After you have orgasmed, you should withdraw real soon, while holding the sheath on your penis with two fingers.

Then tie a knot on the device, and dispose of it thoughtfully. If there is any prospect that you might have further sex, please wash your penis carefully first, before putting on a new condom.

Q Doc, I cannot imagine why I did this, but last Sunday night, on the first day of my menses, I let a guy who I did not know have full sex with me. It was 'bareback'. Will I get pregnant?

A Probably not, but please don't take such crazy risks again!

And ideally, you should now get tested by a doctor, in case you have picked up a sexually-transmitted infections from this mysterious stranger.

Q If I agreed to give my girlfriend oral sex, could I catch anything, Doc?

A Well, only if she has a sexually-transmitted infection, like chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

Q I would like to use the female condom, Doc. Is it true that it acts as some sort of 'sex aid?'

A The female condom is really a sort of bag, very like the plastic liners that you see in waste-paper baskets and similar containers.

All you have to do is to insert it into the vagina before sex, taking plenty of time to put it in place. The 'closed' end goes as far into the vagina as you can get it, so that it is up near the cervix.

The 'open' end stays outside. It has a sort of ring around the opening, and it is usual to have this ring lying approximately over the clitoris. Some women do quite like this, because the ring gives them added stimulation during intercourse. Others pay it no mind.

Q I am a male university student, and I have realised with a shock that I am not like other guys, Doc.

They all have the small opening at the end of the penis. But mine is underneath. Help!

A Well, you have a well-known male condition called 'hypospadias'. This is a developmental abnormality; in other words, it occurs when the child is in the womb.

Hypospadias can make it a little difficult to become a father, because the man-fluid shoots downwards, instead of forwards. But it can be cured! Please go and see a urologist, who can operate in order to shift the opening to the end of the penis.

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