Sat | Jan 22, 2022

Hello mi Neighbour | 'Man to man is so unjust'

Published:Tuesday | June 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Hello mi neighbour! Oh me, oh my! What a world! "Man to man is so unjust, you don't know who to trust ..." Mankind has never been trustworthy. Ever seen a world like this? Many are just 'dying' to get out of it! Some are literally dying - committing suicide to escape its miseries and pain - too much to bear! Warfare everywhere!

Uncertainties abound all over. They wreak havoc on our lives. People are scared to freezing point. Leaving home and returning in one piece or just to return is a treasured blessing nowadays. Whether we travel by air, land or sea, arriving at our destination is a mere possibility. Sitting in a concert hall to enjoy a performance is a big risk these days. No one knows the minute a crackpot or a terrorist may strike - wiping out 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 lives at one sweep.

Should we all arm ourselves with weapons to prevent ourselves from being harmed at large gatherings? The chaos that would be caused by everyone pulling out a gun in self-defence at the sound of an explosion in a crowded environment is unimaginable. Just the thought of it blows the mind! How do we coexist on this planet - a gift from the Creator? Love is the only way!

Governments exist to manage and organise people in such a way that they 'reap the good of the land' without destroying or abusing one another through conflicts. How well have they done? With all the structures, rules and regulations established by governments to keep us in check, people continue to destroy themselves and are as disorganised and divided as ever.

Almost every rule put in place to protect ourselves from one another is broken by someone who is hell-bent on destroying life and property. Security forces patrol communities around the clock but yet people are being robbed and killed around the same clock. We boast of border patrol and territorial protection from terrorist attacks, etc., but just take a look at how easily these measures are breached. But we cannot give up!




As human behaviours worsen it has certainly been challenging for government leaders, who themselves are often guilty of felonies, to control people. Bewildered and confused, some persons are opting for self-governance which does not recognise the rights of others. They drive where they choose, say what they wish and 'mash any corn' they please. Certainly, this is the 'mess-age'. How do we get out of it?

In this age, the greater the number of our neighbours killed, it's the merrier we are. Wow! So the world has gone crazy because of unchecked selfishness which places no value on the rights of others. Whenever frustration sets in, in a crowded space, tempers flare easily and people are hurt.

For thousands of years man, through his selfish nature, has wreaked havoc on our world and has made it very difficult for its inhabitants to 'live, work, raise families and do business' here. But, here's good news: we can create a more hospitable world just by 'exchanging shoes'. By so doing you feel my hurt and I feel yours - making us more willing to 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

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