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What You Saying Usain?

Published:Friday | June 9, 2017 | 12:45 PM

"Someone so naturally blessed

Could think they're above reproach

"Instead your success you attribute to trusting and obeying your coach"

"Hats off"! and hearty thanks for letting go of your passion cricket ..."

"And honing your great athletic gift reaching many an Olympic wicket"

"How proud you've made Jamaica by being the world's fastest man!.."

"Congrats on the medals and records more so for having and keeping your plan"

"Your interviews are inspiring you are polite, cool and real.."

Not afraid to tell it like it is or state how you really feel.

The lessons from your parents are deep within your heart.

They helped you be the man who can to others respect impart

Among the many lessons from you that me inspire

Is your value of family and friends and the goals to which you aspire

Anyone who's seen you win knows you also love to dance.

Greet and entertain your fans

"To the world" has been your stance

How many pay attention at the beginning of each race

To your way of acknowledging that in your life God has a place?

Hats off"! and hearty thanks

For letting go of your passion cricket..

... In such a way that God's crown you'll get

For a humble, faithful, life well spent

My prayer is that you'll continue

To enjoy success and contentment

As you, your loving parents honour and obey

Jamaica has honoured you

With the Order of J.

U may not have bat a century

But you've run a metre hundred - and two

Now u can retire on top

Do more of what you love to do

..And honing your great athletic gift

Reaching many an Olympic wicket

In response to The Gleaner's request for tribute via #OneLastBolt