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Tardy cops arrested on warrants released from custody

Published:Friday | June 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The three cops who were this week arrested on warrants ordered by a judge because of their tardiness in completing court files have now been released. ‎

Among them was Sergeant Kevin Mayne, who according to Senior Parish Court Judge Simone Wolfe Reece, has other outstanding arrest warrants. 

Wolfe Reece noted, too, that the warrant for his arrest was attached to a letter that was sent to the Office of the Police Commissioner. 

Corporal Ramon Blair, who spent two days in custody, and Constable Shawana Walker-Thompson, who was in custody for a day, were the other cops freed. 

“Too many matters come before the court and all that is outstanding is a statement from the police. “Foolishness. Absolute foolishness,” Wolfe Reece lamented before ordering their release. 

“Until we meet again,” she told Mayne. 

Wolfe Reece said she understand the challenges facing police personnel, but urged them to be proactive and to communicate more effectively with the court office. 

Mayne is the investigating officer in a fraud case against two men who have been before the courts for more than a year. The trial has been stalled because of an outstanding statement from Scotiabank. 

According to court records, Mayne has missed several court dates and has failed to indicate what steps he has taken to collect the statement and when it will be obtained. 

His attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson informed the court that he has been ill and that the liaison officer failed to inform him of the new court date. 

Blair is the investigator in a case against Krisann Petgrave, who is charged with larceny as a servant. 
Petgrave’s attorney, Courtney Rowe, said she was allegedly caught on a security camera stealing money from the cosmetic store to which she was employed. 

Rowe said the case has been adjourned eight times as a report from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s cybercrimes unit, which Corporal Blair promised to deliver last November, remains outstanding. 

 Walker-Thompson, who is the investigating officer in a fraud case, was bound over when she last appeared in court, to collect several subpoenas for witnesses. 

However, court records show that she has failed to indicate whether the subpoenas had been served. 

Neita-Robertson, who also represented Walker-Thompson, said the constable got the dates mixed up because of the “pressures of work.” 

“It was an error on her part and she takes full responsibility for it. She apologises and undertakes not to let it happen again,” Neita-Robertson said.