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Young church leader sends a word

Published:Wednesday | June 7, 2017 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Randy Stewart

His message is coming straight from the heart with nothing but love for his fellow people. Drummer and men's ministry member, Randy Stewart, of the Newport New Testament Church of God, is not pleased with how far we seem to have strayed from our Creator, as a nation.

He spoke specifically to our music and how we have allowed a breakdown in morals and values.

"One could sit and easily listen to roots reggae, which spoke to the reality (of our lives). It was positive, but the music has evolved and dancehall now ... I'm not sure what it has turned into, because it influences people to do a lot of negative things. Music does something to you, it speaks to your subconscious."




This is the very reason Stewart believes the wide celebration of soca in the country is cause for concern.

"Dancehall can be raw, but when you look at soca music and dance, and dress - just really underwear with feathers. Our bodies ought to be the temple of God, but how we revel and behave, that does not make our bodies worthy for God to dwell in."

Stewart believes Jamaicans are unaware of the effects of their actions, particularly, the activities they accommodate.

"We say we are a Christian country, but after the sacred period of Easter where we acknowledge the death and resurrection of Christ - immediately after - we have carnival march, that, I assume, gives some monetary benefits."

He continued: "We are in trouble. The morals and values are being broken down and it's not getting any better, and even some artistes will tell you that certain happenings in dancehall is just too much."

Stewart told Family and Religion that once we acknowledge how powerful we are through God, we will allow Him to lead us totally.

"We were made by Christ for a specific purpose. We can sideline it, but we were made to serve Him. Christ made us and He has a plan for us. If we are not doing things that are Christ-like, it means we are worshipping the devil, and if so, we will not realise our full potential."

He further mentioned, "If we make Christ the centre of our lives, then we won't live underachieved. If we display this behaviour to others, what a beautiful world this would be!"

Stewart ended with a plea to all: "I would encourage people to stay in Christ because we are powerful and the devil realises that and he wants us. Our lives will be better, Jamaica will be better and the world will be better if we stay in Christ. Christ nice!"