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Shelly-Ann Spencer-Reid encourages youth to invest in Christ

Published:Thursday | June 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels

It pays to be a child of God- literally. And the same is true for Shelly-Ann Spencer-Reid who has proven this fact for herself over time. Undoubtedly, she says, the journey has been a rough one, but with her heart set on the end result - which is eternal life - she remains motivated to keep doing the right things, including tithing.

"My parents taught me something that was very powerful; something that took the entire family out of poverty. They taught us to pay our tithes no matter how little it was. As children we were given $7 and from this we were told to pay one tenth for our offering, which was 70 cents. It became a part of me and my faith grew firmer in tithes and giving," she shared.

Her first lesson would come after saving earnestly from a summer job as a teen to buy herself a new school shoes. But that plan was thwarted as she had to put every cent into the offering plate at church.

"I went to church the Sunday morning with the money, but had no intention to pay it (tithe), as I had planned to keep it and continue saving. But when the offering was being collected, I heard a voice saying 'give it' and I took out the $300 and change, and threw it in the offering plate. The next morning I polished my old twisted school shoes from the previous two school years and wore it to school," she shared with Family & Religion.

Sad and dejected, she started the new school year in the same old shoes but a blessing she never expected awaited her at the end of that day. Spencer-Reid says she was relieved when the school day ended.


Mixed feelings


"I walked (home) with mixed feelings that afternoon. When I got home my father called me from his room - I wondered what I had done. Both my parents were in the room. They pointed to something on the chest of drawers. It was a brand new school shoes, the same one I wanted and dreamed about and it was the perfect fit. I hugged it and burst into tears," she said, reflecting on the goodness of God's mercy towards her.

A member of the New Testament Church of God, every chance she gets, Spencer-Reid encourages, especially young people, to invest in Christ because Salvation is the most secure and solid foundation anyone can make. "It will never lapse if you keep your end of the bargain: you can achieve anything you desire, once it is the will of the Lord," she added, noting that she has achieved a good education, a career, a husband and two lovely kids.

"I also have my own home and business - all through Jesus. Even though I am far from perfect, He always comes through for me; and I'm confident He'll do the same for you" she concluded.