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Shanna-Kay Douglas propelled by her vision

Published:Thursday | July 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Shauna-Kay Douglas: Sight without vision is like having no sight at all, but vision without sight is everything.
Shauna-Kay Douglas

Sight without vision is like having no sight at all, but vision without sight is everything. It's our vision not our sight that takes us to places we'd never imagine.

- Shauna-Kay Douglas

Born near-sighted and only seeing from one eye, Shauna-Kay Douglas never would have imagined that she would grow to become the strong, confident and motivational woman that she is today.

"Being able to see only 60 per cent from one eye and none from the other, there were times when I doubted my ability to do things. I had challenges seeing the chalkboard at school and challenges being involved in certain projects" she said.

Adding to the many issues associated with her sight, Douglas lost her father when she was 18 years old and her mother at 24.




But today, the 26-year-old woman is singing praises despite it all.

"I thank God for His love and faithfulness to me during my time here on earth. God has allowed me to do things that I couldn't do on my own. His strength has been perfect for me! Doctors appalled at my ability to compete with "normal people" at the different levels of education and still do well considering the condition of my eyes. To that, I give God all the glory," she said adding that her sight may try to hinder her but it is her vision that propels her, a vision to spread the 'Undiluted Word of God', to encourage, inspire and to bring others to the knowledge of Him and a vision to be all that He created her to be.

Douglas, who despite her degree in education spends her time ministering at churches locally and abroad, praying for people and offering advice, where needed, told Family & Religion that her change came when she recognised that God had a plan for her life and that she was created in His unique image, coupled with the support of her family, teachers and friends.

With newly-found vision, she was able to utilise various strategies to assist in her daily ventures.

"I would study whatever material I would be asked to read in public and 'pretend' like I'm reading when it's really being done from memory. Also, if I enter a building for the first time, I would count the steps and the next time, I would be flying up those steps - you wouldn't think I have a sight issue. God has blessed me with a great memory," she said with gratitude.

According to Douglas, who was named National 4-H Public Speaker in 2010: "I strongly believe that our circumstances shouldn't stop us from being what we were called to be. Find the strategies that work for you and use it."