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Montague wants importation duties on CCTV cameras scrapped - Aims to capture more criminal acts in public places

Published:Sunday | July 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMJason Cross

As a way to promote the use of cameras in the hope of assisting Jamaica's transition from a crime-ridden society into a more peaceful one, Minister of National Security Robert Montague has indicated that the Government is looking into the possibility of granting duty-free access to persons importing closed-circuit television (CCTV) devices.

Addressing a recent meeting of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce at the Golf View Hotel in the parish, Montague also announced that plans were afoot to promote heavy investment in the national intelligence network.

"We are developing a national CCTV network and we want well-thinking Jamaicans to give us the feed for cameras that are facing outwards in the public space. If citizens are willing to purchase CCTVs, we will provide the specs and waive the taxes for importing the cameras," the minister said.

Montague spoke throughout the meeting on detailed plans that his ministry has in place to tackle the current high crime environment.

He said his ministry has been working hard with communities, seeking to implement a variety of violence-intervention programmes.

Montague also announced that the ministry would be establishing an oversight committee, which should operate similar to the Economic Programme Oversight Committee.

The committee is to provide oversight of the ministry's policy implementation as well as measure and monitor the ministry's achievements.

Being important elements in the crime-fighting mission, Montague stressed that amendments would be made to the Proceeds of Crime Act, the DNA Act, the Fingerprint Act, Firearm Act and the anti-gang legislation.