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Despite feeling 'unwelcome' in Clarendon lock-up bail denied for alleged extortionist

Published:Wednesday | July 26, 2017 | 4:53 PM

An attorney today urged a judge in the Manchester Parish Court to grant his client bail on the basis that she does not feel welcome at the lock-up in Four Paths, Clarendon, where she is being held.

Attorney Ernest Smith was making a bail application on behalf of 64-year-old Sheila Smith, who is charged in connection with an extortion ring targeting businesses in the central region.

Smith said his client is labelled as a Manchester prisoner and is made to feel as though she is occupying the space of someone from the area who could be held there.

However, the bail application was denied.

Smith appeared before the court with co-accused and alleged mastermind of the extortion ring, Kenric White, as well as 21-year-old Beko March, 21-year-old Keeno Powell, and Sandre Bogle.

Bogle was previously granted bail and it was extended this morning.

A sixth individual, who was charged in connection to the ring, 24-year-old Careba Salmon, pleaded guilty to six counts of extortion and six counts of conspiracy to extort on April 5.

She was later sentenced to three months in prison at hard labour, based on her cooperation with the police.