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Montague sheds more light on conjugal visits plan

Published:Wednesday | July 26, 2017 | 12:05 PM
Montague ... Conjugal visits will not be a right of every prisoner.

National Security Minister Robert Montague has provided further information on the plan to allow conjugal visits for prisoners amid intense public debate since the announcement on Monday.

In a release this morning, Montague said conjugal visits will not be a right of every prisoner.

He says it will be part of an incentive system for those prisoners who meet the required criteria.

He says the criteria to be used in crafting the policy will include type of crime committed; the length of time left on the sentence; changed behaviour and deportment of the prisoner.

He says the prisoner will also be required to be in a stable relationship.

Montague says these visits will not take place on cell blocks.

He says the plan to allow conjugal visits is part of the five-Pillar Crime Strategy which speaks of Rehabilitation and Reintegration. 

He says it’s part of a wider set of reform programmes, including Chess in Prison and Sports.

The National Security Minister argues that if the outcomes are to be changed, then there must be a change to the strategy.