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'Help my mother, please!' - 12-year-old girl pleads for assistance

Published:Tuesday | July 25, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston
The place Makayha Gordon and her mother Sophia Jackson call home.
Makayha Gordon and her mother Sophia Jackson.

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

Twelve-year-old Makayha Gordon is to attend Vere Technical High School come September, but she is nowhere ready as the first book has not even been bought.

Rural Xpress met with mother and daughter in May Pen, Clarendon, and it was evident that Gordon is used to speaking up for her mother, Sophia Jackson, who throughout the interview didn't say much, and when she did, they were few.

A newspaper vendor, Jackson, in between the few words she managed to mutter, said she is badly in need of help for her only child.

"I used to do a little washing and cleaning, but the washing machine has eliminated the need to have me do that," she said sadly.

Jackson said she is now unable to pay her rent of $500 per month and is, in fact, in arrears for quite a few months.

Her daughter takes the opportunity to interrupt, "The house is in a terrible state. We are 'cotching' in a little house, you can actually stay outside and touch me in my bed. If breeze blow too hard, the zinc can go at any time. Even the slightest drizzle will get us wet in the house," she said, sharing her present reality.

Gordon, who appears very mature for her age, is thanking all her teachers at May Pen Primary School, noting that since grade one, there has always been a teacher to champion her cause.

"They make sure I get something to eat and give me fare," she said.

Living on Harry Street, off Manchester Avenue, Gordon said so far, there is no way she can go to school, as she will have to take two vehicles and her mother does not even have the fare for one.

The floor of the house they occupy is still moist and the yard still has water settled in it from the heavy showers in June.

Jackson is even more worried as she said the owner of the house will be returning to the island to evict them.

The place may not be the most ideal, but at least it is somewhere they can lay their heads.




Jackson said she is willing to sell packaged juices and would welcome getting help with a cart, as well as help with the first supply of the products.

Gordon is longing for the security of a good roof over their heads and it is for this reason she is reaching out her young heart to Food For The Poor to step in and help.

"Anyone reading my story, I am proud of my mother, I love how she tries. I need a good roof over our heads. Please, help," is her heartfelt plea.

Although she has a few years ahead of her until she settles in a career, Gordon already knows that she wants to be a teacher.

"I love the way teachers make a difference in my life, and someday I want to do the same in someone else's life," she said.

Looking ahead, Gordon just has three wishes for her mother and herself - better living accommodations, attending a high school in the May Pen environs and getting all her school needs met, including a laptop.

Jackson can be reached at 561-9517.