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Hello Mi Neighbour | Give peace a chance

Published:Thursday | August 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM
In this March 7 file photo students and teachers at Obistan Kinder Preparatory, march through the streets of Pembroke Hall in St Andrew during a March for peace on Peace Day.

Hello mi neighbour! Today's piece focuses on PEACE in the hope that the world's cadre of peacemakers will increase. Peace is commonly understood as the absence of war or hostility. Though strongly desired, many do not experience or share peace because of what it demands of us: selflessness, humility, commitment, and hard work.

Wars of yesteryear were about peace. Today's conflicts surround the creation of a peaceful world. Aren't we warring against peace? Nations fight and win battles, control territories and silence other nations in the name of peace yes, but this planet continues to be in turmoil because peace is something we make, not fight for necessarily. And this applies to the world, the nation, the community, the neighbour and the home.

Jesus said "blessed are the peacemakers". And who wouldn't like to enjoy those blessings earmarked for peacemakers? Let's go for them as we become peacemakers within our circle of influence: home, work, community, church, school etc., while praying for the world.

The absence of peace within any grouping often results in fussing, cussing, cutting, fighting and killing! Here, people experience high stress levels, low self-esteem, lethargy and even life threatening diseases! In an atmosphere of peace, people are calm, happy, more productive and in harmony with self. Second century Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius says, "He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe".




In making peace, a good place to begin is with self. We start by being kind to ourselves and the outer world, spend time with nature, meditate, sing, dance, play and pray! We learn to channel the frustration and anger we often feel, into something greater - telling ourselves that we are standing up for peace. Our emotions will believe and cooperate with us!

In peacemaking, we should always focus on the positive - for every negative there's a positive. As others focus on the ugliness of the situation, we must stand our ground and watch miracles happen right before your eyes. As conflicts pop-up during meetings/discussions, and they will, we must use the tension to energise the discussion and create positive outcomes even as people agree to disagree. Always try to find the humour in the mix.

Incorrect perceptions of others, can cause hatred to well up inside. Getting to know others genuinely will help us to accept them for who they are without trying to control their behaviour - we are only responsible for our behaviour!

As we make peace today, let's:

- Believe that peace can be a reality.

- Embrace the idea of living in harmony rather than chaos.

- Visualise happy relationships as peace flows through them.

- Imagine a thriving and peaceful community.

- Imagine our country being at peace with others.

- See peace all around and feel the joy it brings!

Until next time, much peace.




- Sister Nelson, St Catherine, for clothing.

- Margaret, St Catherine, for offering a bed to a neighbour.

- Sandra, for offering a mosquito net to a neighbour - still asking neighbour to call me - 334-8165.

- Novia, Hanover, for offering a sewing machine and clothing for babies ... neighbours from Hanover or surrounding areas please call 334-8165.

- Miss Maitland, St Andrew, offering free training in handicraft to interested young ladies who must be over 18, with a track record of good behaviour - please call me at 334-8165 or email: helloneighbour@yahoo.com




- Cecile, St Catherine - asking for books for St Catherine High - for first and grade four books for primary school.

- Rachael, St Ann - asking for help with back to school for 3 children - unemployed and has no money.

- Neighbour, St Catherine - asking for clothing for church, for adult female and children ages two, four and six. Also asking for a refrigerator, stove and table.

- Olivine, St Catherine - asking for a dresser

- Delores, St Andrew - physically challenged and in need of a bed and a refrigerator.

- To help, please call Silton Townsend @ 334-8165, 884-3866, or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to HELLO NEIGHBOUR C/o 53 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; Paypal/credit card: email: zicron22@yahoo.com, or contact, e-mail helloneighbour@yahoo.com