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Man remains in custody after gas station fire

Published:Monday | August 14, 2017 | 9:35 AM

A corporate area man remains in police custody after reportedly attempting to set himself on fire at the total service station at Heroes Circle in Kingston on Thursday.

The incident forced operators to temporarily close the gas station.

It is alleged that the man made his way to the service station on foot and began walking around the gas pumps in a suspicious manner.  

He then removed one of the fuel dispensers, held it to his head and squeezed it. 

However, the gas did not flow freely as the security lever on the pump had not been released. 

The man then used the dispenser to drip fuel on the ground and proceeded to light it causing damage to the walls and driveway. 

In the chaos to extinguish the blaze, the man went into the adjoining convenience story and started a fire there too before he was restrained and arrested.