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Steve Lyston | Healing by miracle or medicine

Published:Sunday | August 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM

No one wants to be sick, yet today there are many millions who are and their colour, race or social standing was not the deciding factor.

The Holy Spirit wants to heal, but before the healing takes place, the mind has to be at the place of embracing the Healer, the healing and the method. God can use or allow medicine, nutrition or miracles to do so, and He can and will often do it in unorthodox ways - ways that defy and challenge logic. Sadly, there are many who die because they refuse to change their mindset about healing - even Christian leaders who are supposed to believe in the power of God.

We will want to discredit God's power while ignoring several scriptures in the Bible (Matthew 16: 17-18). Interestingly, the major part of Jesus' ministry dealt with healing and that was why He became famous.

Every sickness has a root and that root is spiritual. Infirmity is a spirit (or a curse) and there are many diseases and illnesses that fall under the umbrella of infirmity. There may be lack of certain things within the body which may cause a sickness. In the Bible, God uses different methods to bring healing to different persons including medicine - herbs and natural extracts. He also used doctors and His servants with the gift of healing to heal different people (1 Corinthians 12: 9; 2 Kings 20: 1 - 11; Isaiah 38: 1-8). In the same way, we go to the doctor and he checks into our family's medical history. There are many sicknesses that may come down through the lineage based on the sins committed by our foreparents - including sexual sins, witchcraft or injustice. That is why it is key for Christian medical doctors who understand this to rise up. You cannot medicate a spiritual problem, nor can you give complete help if all areas are not addressed.

Many may say, "He is not a doctor, he can't talk about healing!" But that is the problem in the world today. Interestingly, Isaiah the Prophet did not study medicine, he studied what we would call international relations. When the king Hezekiah was about to die from his illness, the king began to pray and seek God, refusing to accept the fate of death. The prophet directed the king to apply poultice of figs which many medical scholars today say is an antibiotic. We also see again in 2 Kings 5: 1-15, a mighty and great commander who had leprosy. Leprosy today is known as Hansen's disease, which is a long-lasting infection caused by bacteria which affects the skin, eyes and nervous system. Hansen's disease is treated with a combination of antibiotics. Typically, two or three antibiotics are used at the same time. In the Bible, God gave His prophet an instruction/prescription for this great commander - to go and dip seven times in the muddy Jordan River. What would the medical scholars and intellectuals of today say about that in response? Maybe they would say that the prophet of God had a psychotic disorder and needs Zyprexa, Rexulti or maybe even some Abilify. Others who would receive that instruction, based on their status (and level of pride), would probably think it a foolish instruction, walk away and find a way to fly out for treatment, since they don't even have confidence in their local health system. Naaman himself thought it was nonsense when the maid told him the instruction was from the prophet of God. Nevertheless, he obeyed the instruction.

Sometimes, the place the Lord is sending you has exactly what you need for your healing, even if you don't see or understand it. What if the state of the muddy river had the properties necessary to fight the bacteria affecting his skin and body?

Following Divine instructions and having an open mind to the things of God is the key for your healing. You may be directed to go on a three-day fast for God to give you instructions, or you may be instructed to go and show yourself to the priest (Luke 17: 12-14), who will anoint you with oil and pray for your recovery.

Something as simple as forgiveness or taking communion, being anointed with oil by God's anointed servant, changing your diet and an understanding of herbs and their uses can bring healing.

There are many within the society today suffering from various illnesses - some are even afraid to confide in family members. The question is, what are you willing to do to be healed?