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The Ecclestons celebrate 12 years of marriage

Published:Tuesday | August 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM
DJ Nicholson, his wife Sandra and children.

Nicholas Eccleston, most popularly known as mainstream gospel artiste DJ Nicholas, recently celebrated 12 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Sandra.

Reminiscing on how it all began, he told Family and Religion that they met through a friend and that it wasn't long before he was able to confirm that she would be his wife.




"First, she was a Christian and beautiful to my eyes. What grabbed me the most was what she said. We were having a conversation and she said that she wanted a husband who loves her, but one who loved God more than her," he said, adding that those words were enough confirmation for him.

Describing their union with a simple word, 'wonderful', DJ Nicholas explained that Sandra is the best wife God could have given him.

According to him: "She complements me and I complement her. We have had our disagreements, but as we grow older, we learn to respect, love, and honour each other more."

Various couples praise the institution for a variety of reasons, but for the Ecclestons, the best thing about being married is the companionship and spiritual partnership that they share as the man of God explained that whenever he is weary, he can ask his wife to lead prayer so that they can always be praying.




The proud husband and father of two shared with Family and Religion what he believes has kept ablaze the fire in his union.

"Prayer is one of the main ingredients. Yes, we carry ourselves nicely, we go out on dates, we set goals and work towards them, but I believe prayer is the main ingredient."

And his advice to young Christian couples and newly-weds: "Marriage is a beautiful thing and is honourable before God. Don't enter marriage with divorce as an option. Remain faithful to your spouse in all areas. Don't get married solely because of benefits, but love your spouse. Ensure that you both love God. Work hard and pray for your marriage, believing that no matter what dart life throws you, both are going to stand as a couple under God."