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Strong candidates cause JWN Foundation to double STEM scholarships

Published:Sunday | August 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM
McClarthy Allen

In honour of its trendsetting master blender, Joy Spence, the JWN Foundation decided to introduce a tertiary-level scholarship for a student from one of the communities it operates in, who is pursuing studies in Science, technology, engineering or Mathematics (STEM).

The decision was made to earmark one scholarship for studies in the field of science, in recognition of the work of Spence, a chemist by training and the first woman to hold the title of master blender in the wines and spirits industry.

However, having seen the applications, the judges decided to award two individuals with scholarships. The decision was made as a result of the high level of competition, which saw four candidates being short-listed and interviewed.

"Each candidate demonstrated the intellectual capacity to make use of this honour (and) also demonstrated financial need and a desire to raise the bar for their families and in their communities," said Tanikie McClarthy Allen, director of JWN Foundation and chairman of the scholarship panel.




"The panel had to choose between a young lady pursuing medicine under dire circumstances, another candidate who is pursuing a chemistry degree with a passion for advocacy; a young man who eats and dreams physics and wants to be a neuro surgeon; and another who serves as a scout and has decided to become a marine engineer. Not the easiest choice.

"In the end, two candidates were truly outstanding, and the panel was tied between them. We therefore decided to issue two awards - one to the quiet but confident physicist from Clarendon and the other to the articulate and similarly confident candidate from Waterhouse in Kingston," said McClarthy Allen.

Kingston College graduate Jevonnie Fennell and Rickardo Anderson, a first-year student at the University of the West Indies, were the two awardees.

The scholarships are valued at $450,000 each and number among 10 being offered by the JWN Foundation for studies beyond secondary level.