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LASCO Curves gives wings to development of women and girls

Published:Wednesday | August 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM
From left: Naomi Francis, press secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister; Juliet Holness, wife of Prime Minister Andrew Holness; Cortia Bingham, head of We Inspire; Sonia Bertram Linton, Supreme Court judge; and Renee Rose, LASCO Curves brand manager at the We Inspire Women’s Workshop and Brunch 2017 launch at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston on Monday.

LASCO Curves has reiterated its commitment to the development of women and girls through its partnership with the We Inspire Women's Workshop and Brunch, slated for this weekend - August 26 and 27 - at the Courtleigh Auditorium, and The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, respectively.

This is the second year of We Inspire Women's efforts to uplift and empower Jamaican women who have nurtured the belief that they are victims of their circumstances and lack the impetus to unlock their true potential, possibilities and dreams.

According to chief executive officer Cortia Bingham-McKenzie, it is imperative that women are emotionally whole and psychologically empowered in order to fulfil their roles as wives, mothers and professionals and contribute greatly to Jamaica.

"When we do not change the mindset, which is the root of our social issues, such as crime, we miss the mark and the problems multiply. We must first create a thinking of success, passion for life, love for humanity, and abundance, before we can fix any of the problems we currently face in Jamaica, and that is the relevance of We Inspire Ltd. we seek to inspire by changing mindset," Bingham-McKenzie said.

On a mission to inspire

Brand manager of title sponsor LASCO Curves, Renee Rose, shared the brand's vision for vulnerable women across Jamaica and lauded We Inspire Women for its work with women and girls at the launch of We Inspire Women's Workshop and Brunch at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Monday.

"At LASCO Curves, we are grateful to We Inspire Ltd for affording us another opportunity to support women and young girls across the island. At Curves, we encourage women to be the woman they've always wanted to be and to recognise their own strength, resilience and beauty. This goes hand in hand with We Inspire's theme, 'As We Rise'. We envision the upcoming workshop and brunch serving as a catalyst that will ignite the minds, hearts, and souls of the women and girls," Rose said.

Earlier this year, LASCO Curves sponsored and participated in the 2017 We Inspire Girls High School Tour to encourage self-love and positive body imaging in addition to hosting open-format discussions on lifestyle, career and educational choices for young ladies across the island.




Keynote speaker Juliet Holness, wife of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, also praised the initiative and shared intricate details of some of her life challenges as a young woman who eventually came to embrace politics as a nurturer.

Presenters for the 2017 We Inspire Women's Workshop and Brunch include: Bingham-Mckenzie; Supreme Court judge, Sonia Bertham-Linton; Dr Claudine Lewis, cardiologist at Heart Smart Jamaica; marketing and communications manager at Jamaica Yellow, Tshani Jaj; marketing manager of beverages at LASCO Distributors Limited, Catherine Goodall; head of Garrick Communications, Naomi Garrick; head of marketing and corporate communications at Trade Winds Citrus, Marsha Lumley; press secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Naomi Francis; attorney-at-law and superintendent of police, Gladys Brown-Ellis; head of Digicel Business, Joy Clarke; head of marketing at SportsMax, Tanya Lee; former Miss Jamaica Universe and Drenna Luna creator Angelie Martin-Spencer; regional director of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Janice Allen, among others.