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Give us a doctor! - Cedar Valley residents want frequent visits to health centre

Published:Tuesday | September 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Amid their many cries, residents of the rural community of Cedar Valley in western St Thomas are appealing to the relevant authorities for the visitation of a doctor to their health centre at least twice per month.

The residents revealed that the small establishment has been in operation without a doctor for quite some time.

Speaking with Rural Xpress, Abigail Marshall praised the services of the nurses and those who work at the facility, but noted that there needs to be a doctor every now and then.

"We aren't complaining about the service. It is very good, but we need a resident doctor to come by and attend to the sick and the persons that are in need of proper health care.

"Can you imagine the old and sick having have to traverse the thoroughfare of Cedar Valley, the very bad roads to go down to Trinityville, Seaforth or all the way to the Princess Margaret Hospital?

"If we can get a doctor for at least two times per month, it will really make a difference," she said.

Marshall was among the group of Cedar Valley residents who, last week, visited Yallahs to deliver a letter the office of their Member of Parliament James Robertson.

The letter outlined their concerns and frustrations with the state of the road in their community.




Marshall explained that the poor condition of the road also puts a damper on whatever services are rendered at the community's health facility.

According to her: "The nurses try their best and deliver great service, but even they have a problem with the road. If they don't own a vehicle, then it's hard to get a taxi to come up here, so we have to be waiting on them sometimes. It's not their fault why they are late; it's because of the road why they can't reach."

The Cedar Valley resident told Rural Xpress that the health centre caters mainly to maternal and child care.

"Apart from that, nothing else is being administered. It would really be helpful if we could get a doctor to come, even twice per month, to cater to other illnesses and ease the stress of the citizens," she said.