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Kyla's time to shine

Published:Tuesday | September 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Kyla Atkinson

Kyla Atkinson of St Jago High School has shown that making schoolwork a priority and keeping your focus on achieving at a very high level has tremendous advantages.

Moving from Angels Primary School five years ago to her choice school, St Jago High, after being successful in the Grade Six Achievement Test, Kyla decided at that early stage that it was her time to shine.

Achieving 10 subjects with 10 grade ones in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination, in English, mathematics, physics, principles of accounts, principles of business, social studies, Spanish, information technology, history, and English literature, the 17-year-old had the best profile among three other students from her school who also attained 10 grade ones.

"I took my work seriously from the beginning, I'm always goal-oriented," she told The Gleaner.

"I am intrinsically motivated so I don't need anyone to tell me more than one time what I have to do. I go about my tasks without reminders," she continued.

Added Kyla: "I developed a study pattern, given the fact that I had classes seven days a week sometimes. I would go home, complete whatever house work I had to do, then start studying, break, go to bed, wake up around

11 p.m. and study until about 3 a.m. I knew what I wanted to achieve so I put the effort in. I dedicated myself," she pointed out.

Kyla advised fellow students to develop a study timetable, highlighting its importance, especially when there are classes seven days a week.

She described the support from her parents as the driving force behind her exceptional achievements.

"My mother and father were there all the way; they are extremely supportive. Even when they say they don't have the money, they always find it to send me to school and pay for extra lessons."

"My teachers are just phenomenal. I could approach them anywhere, anytime to seek answers," she said.

The student who wants to be a forensic accountant, and who described herself as a Christian, said her peers were also very helpful in her quest for excellence by participating in study groups with her.