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JMMB Foundation scholarships transforming lives

Published:Monday | September 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation scholarship recipients for the 2017-18 academic year and members of the JMMB Group in a playful mood at the recently held scholarship presentation ceremony at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston.
JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation scholarship recipients (from left) Stanecia Wynter, Adriana Duggan, Samoya Cochrane, and Chardonnay Lewin show off their certificates at the recent awards ceremony held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston.
Kim Mair (right), chief executive officer of JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation, welcomes Dahlia Lindsay (left) and Sheryl Reid to the scholarship presentation ceremony.

Sixteen students from some of the country's top universities were named among this year's JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation scholarship recipients during a recent awards ceremony, which took place at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston. For the 2017-18 academic year, the foundation awarded approximately $7 million in scholarships to more than 100 students attending primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, as well as special-needs schools.

Chairman of the Foundation, Patricia Sutherland, said that the scholarship provided is more than a financial contribution as it is an investment in the country's youth and an opportunity to help to transform the lives of each recipient. She encouraged the recipients to be possibility thinkers and change makers of today, noting that they should consider that they are not going to school to prepare to get a job, but to create the life they want.

"When you step on that campus, depending on what you choose, you can merely see classes and exams, or you can see a wider and bigger world, an expansion of your community and, therefore, an expansion of your opportunities and possibilities," Sutherland said.

In closing, she challenged the recipients to pay it forward and to seize the opportunity to make a difference in their communities and spheres of influence.

Manifesting greatness

In keeping with JMMB Group's vision of love and commitment to the holistic development of individuals, the foundation engages all recipients in a five-hour long transformational leadership session led by a trained facilitator, in addition to the financial support provided.

This transformational training workshop is extended to all recipients of funding from the foundation and explores self-awareness, reflection, paradigm-shifting, critical-thinking, and visioning, among other areas. It is designed to assist individuals to develop and apply common practices to support their mindset and behaviour change, enabling a more powerful and positive life experience.

In keeping with its mandate to support the manifestation of greatness in all who they interact with, Kim Mair, CEO of the foundation, said the transformation must happen at all stages in the life of our youth if we are going to create the growth we need and stem violence in our country.

"In addition to tertiary-level support, the foundation has maintained its support for children at the primary and secondary levels. In these cases, we support the parents with our transformational conversation so that they can be the best parent to their children," Mair said.

"As we balance support for individuals at the earlier stages of the education system, we want to ensure that a wider cross section of our youth can maximise their potential and, in turn, make a positive contribution to the society," she added.

Lisa Morrison, 2017-18 scholarship recipient and first-year medical sciences student at the University of the West Indies, Mona, in expressing her gratitude for the scholarship, said the philanthropic arm of JMMB has allowed many Jamaicans to strive for greatness.

"JMMB continues to impact the lives of members of their community not only through financial support, but through transformational training, which I am looking forward to. Therefore, I am grateful not only for what this Foundation has done for me, but for the leaders it has created in our country," Morrison said.

The scholarship and/or bursary will cover the cost of tuition, books and/or other school-related expenses.