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PriceSmart inspires with donations

Published:Wednesday | September 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Price Philanthropies Foundation (formerly Price Family Charitable Funds), a private family foundation, is seeking to improve opportunities for families and youth in Jamaica. Price Communities, established in 2007, provides opportunities to give back to organisations and institutions on a local level.

Through Price Communities, clubs such as PriceSmart Kingston is able to donate basic club merchandise such as food, hygiene and cleaning products, and school supplies worth US$1,000 to each of five non-profit organisations in their communities every year.

To date, more than 30 non-profit organisations have benefited from this endeavour in Jamaica. Types of organisations that have benefited include orphanages, homes for the elderly, feeding programmes, drug rehabilitation centres, homeless shelters, facilities for victims of domestic violence, educational institutions and schools for persons with disabilities.

According to Coreine Rainford, marketing manager at PriceSmart Clubs (Jamaica) Limited, Price Philanthropies continues to invest in organisations and programmes that faithfully reflect the vision that Sol Price, founder of PriceSmart Inc, had for a more just society through programmes to improve life opportunities in order to inspire teachers and parents to improve their children's educational experience.

"Once a request is made to the club, PriceSmart encourages the organisation or institution to complete and submit a donations form along with their proposal. A needs assessment is then conducted and based on the results, five organisations and/or institutions are selected to receive a donation through Price Communities," Rainford said.

"We understand that there will be many that will apply and our desire is to assist all, however, we do our best to supply the needs of those who are successful," Rainford added.

One of the beneficiaries, Jamaica Aids Support for Life, indicated that through the donations they were able to further concentrate their efforts on preserving the dignity and rights of persons living with HIV and Aids. Another beneficiary, Abilities Foundation, said PriceSmart has provided them with much-needed items that assisted with individuals from the community of persons with disabilities.

"We will continue to donate through Price Communities and for the upcoming year, we welcome proposals from non-governmental institutions and organisations as early as January 2018. Note that donations are generally not granted for religious, political, or governmental purposes. To become involved, we invite persons to continue to spread the word!" Rainford said.