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Cabinet appoints new FLA board, former chairman included

Published:Monday | September 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The Cabinet has approved a new five-member board of the beleaguered Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) with one previous member being re-appointed.

Former chairman, businessman Dennis Wright is back but will now sit as a member of the board.

National Security Adviser Major General Antony Anderson is the new chairman.

The other members are:
Ena Rose – Retired Civil Servant 
Albert Edwards – Retired Senior Superintendent 
Justice Marva McIntosh – Retired Senior Puisne Judge 

Wright and the previous FLA board members had resigned amid claims of rampant corruption at the agency.

The National Security Ministry says the board has been mandated to carry out the reforms approved by the former Dennis Wright-chaired board.

These reforms include: 
1. Re-engineering the application process 
2. Reintroduce the firearm application exam 
3 Fast-track applications 
4. Review approvals deemed as suspicious 
5. Destroy all unused firearms 
6 Complete the ballistic registration of all firearms 
7. Audit all ranges 
8. Introduce a process of recertifying competency officers 
9. Administer annual polygraph tests to senior staff members 

The ministry says the board, which has been appointed for three years, will also ensure measures are implemented to enhance the customer experience.