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Pastor Rollington Morgan : The demon-buster

Published:Thursday | September 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMHorace Fisher

PENNANTS, Clarendon:

Pastor Rollington Morgan, through 'Salute for Righteousness' which he incorporated with his wife, Evangelist Kemisha Morgan, has set innumerable souls free from the destructive grip of demonic possession.

"One vivid example of this was with a student in Lacovia. She was then regarded as the worst child in the school. But the Spirit told me otherwise. She was possessed, making her disruptive. But after the evil spirit was banished from her, that same student became the school's top student," the pastor said.

The Clarendon-based roving preacher, who shared with Family and Religion that he gave up a promising boxing career to fight the devil and his spirits instead of humans, reasoned, "Sometimes the erratic behaviour of students are symptoms of demonic possession."

He noted that demons, like parasites have to exist in a medium, and with Satan's exile from the heavens, along with his rebellious angels, humans have been their eternal hosts, especially children, who are more vulnerable to satanic infiltrations.

Pastor Morgan further reasoned that demon-possessed young people mature into demon-possessed adults, and subsequently, hardened criminals who are responsible for the mayhem in today's society.

The pastor quoted a number of scriptures from the Holy Book to support his claim of the existence of active evil spirit. (Matthew 4:8-11, Matthew 12:24, Corinthians 11:14, Matthew 25:41, and Revelation 20:1-3).

"That is why it's important to catch them at a young age. Because if we fail, the whole society fails with devastating consequences," he cautioned.

However, demonic duels are just one aspect of the Salute Righteousness roving school-based programme. Drugs and alcohol abuse, violence prevention, proper family life, and poor academic achievements are other areas the husband-and-wife team offer to students through the counselling and mentorship programme.

"We have a moral and spiritual responsibility to reach out to young Jamaicans. Remember, they are the men and women of tomorrow. Therefore, it's our collective responsibility to shape their outlook before it's too late," said Pastor Morgan.

"And while we can cast out demons from among them and lead them to Christ, we have to understand that ... students also face hardships and struggle with behavioural and academic issues," he noted.