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Tech Times | Boosting learning with technology

Published:Saturday | September 23, 2017 | 12:00 AMDanielle Mullings

Now that all the schoolbooks have been bought, parents can begin to focus on the other complementary items to enhance the learning experience. This is where technology plays a vital role, as it makes the learning experience more convenient and interactive.

Here are our suggestions for having the most productive and enjoyable academic year.



Best laptop : HP 255 G5 Notebook PC


Why it is our pick:

The HP 255 G5 Notebook is very fast for tasks like editing documents and PowerPoints. This means that it is perfect for creating presentations or typing your homework efficiently and comfortably. In addition, the G5 is very light, making it easy to carry or transport in your bag.

This laptop comes with many modes of connection like USB, Bluetooth, DVD drive, SD memory card slot. It also has both a VGA and HDMI port for connecting it to external display equipment, like projectors and TV screens. Furthermore, the large 15.6" screen makes this laptop suitable for viewing educational videos.

The i5 core packed in this laptop is midway between the entry-level, i3 core and high-performance i7 core. This core makes the computer good for light video editing and photo editing to spice up a presentation or just for your entertainment. All these features are then complemented by 500GB of internal memory, making this computer a definite contender for your next laptop.





Best printer: HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 all-in-one printer


Why it is our pick:

This printer is very lightweight and can go anywhere in the house. However, do not let its compact nature fool you, it is still an all-in-one (AIO) printer. AIO means that it can scan, copy and print any document or picture that you desire. In addition to these features, this device also has wireless printing capabilities.

Once you download the HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app, you will be able to print from your laptop, smartphone or tablet wirelessly. The printer also has an optional quiet mode for those late-night SBAs that need to be printed. If you wish to print on special paper, it supports the usual plain paper along with photo paper, brochure paper, envelopes and other inkjet papers.

If your teacher happens to give a handout that you would like to photocopy, then this printer is also perfect for that. It can scan a document into pdf, bmp, jpg, gif, tif, tif or png file formats. The final selling point for the DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 is that it uses the cheapest HP ink cartridges, so you will be saving money long term.








Headphones: Maxwell SMS-10 Solid 2 headphones


Why it is our pick:

Off the bat, this headphone is very stylish and comes in black, white, purple, blue, red and pink. Not only will your headphone look good, but it will sound good, too. The sound from this headphone is very clear across most sound ranges. It also comes with adjustable microphone and volume controls, which is perfect for late-night Skype group calls or Internet gaming on your laptop.

The Solid 2 is also foldable, a design feature that is generic to the Maxwell brand. This feature makes it less of a hassle to carry around. Another bonus for this headphone is that it has a flat cable, which prevents excessive tangling.

Cost: $2,880


Laptop bag


A laptop bag can double as a school bag if you buy one that is appropriately sized. A great choice is the Targus Strata 15.6" laptop backpack, which is large enough to fit a 15.6 inch laptop comfortably in the padded compartment. It also has a front zipper for storing stationery.

Though it is not advisable to keep liquids and food near your laptop, the bag does have a water bottle holder on the exterior.

Cost : $3,948

Use of sleeves

For added protection, you could first put the laptop in a sleeve and then place it inside the bag. Sleeves are thin casings with slight padding that you can slide your laptop into. These can help protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. Sleeves also act as a second line of protection for the laptop when placing it inside a bag. A good sleeve can be picked up for around $1500 to $3,500.




The products mentioned in this article were provided courtesy of Royale Computers and Accessories. Telephone 906-1067, 906-1068, and 754-5048.