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Portland fetes oldest centenarian

Published:Wednesday | November 8, 2017 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr
Anthony Morrison of Portland Credit Union presenting centenarian Louise Williams with a plaque, while Perlita Thomas (right) looks on.

Friends and church members gathered to show appreciation to Portland's oldest centenarian, Louise Williams, who was full of energy during the brief celebration earlier this week.

Williams, a widow who celebrated her 104th birthday recently, was joined by members of the Mello Agers group in Port Antonio during the festivities that were held at her home in Folly.

Senior Citizens Council parish organiser for Portland, Patricia Gayle, disclosed that currently, the parish has many senior citizens, with at least 15 persons who have attained 100 years or more.

"The council continues to celebrate senior citizens. So many young persons are here to celebrate her milestone, and the council continues to salute those seeing to the needs of our senior citizens," commented Gayle. "We continue to embrace and respect our older persons because they are the foundation of our lives and it is because of them that we are here."

Marketing manager at the Portland Credit Union, Anthony Morrison, presented Williams with a plaque, while pointing out that the gesture was done on behalf of all Portlanders. Lifelong friend, 94-year-old Vida Bailey, also presented Williams with a gift basket on behalf of the Mello Agers. A citation was also presented to the centenarian by retired teacher Denise Panton, who also brought greetings.

Williams, who is still very alert and jovial, spoke at length about her childhood days, while urging young men to support their wives to the best of their ability.

"I loved both my parents. But, overall, mother was my favourite. My parents shared an excellent relationship and father was very respectful towards mother and us as children," recalled the centenarian. She continued: "My dad was a wonderful man. He was poor, but he had a heart of gold. Men, when you are wrong, you are wrong. Accept it and humble yourself. We need to trust God and pray for guidance in our marriage. We are human, and we must learn to forgive."