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Get there safely with your MotorGuard insurance partner!

Published:Sunday | November 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM
This could be your dream vehicle a Second Generation Silverado (GMT 900 which you should protect with Guardian Generals’ MotorGuard insurance.

Purchasing a car may be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your adult life. It is so much of an important decision that you often take a while to make up your mind, as there are a number of persons you will want to consult with.

The purpose of the vehicle, the model, the make, the size of the engine and the fuel efficiency are major factors that you will have to consider.

Those factors are all well and good, however, the other important decision you will have to make is choosing your insurance provider. It's not just about discounts and rewards programmes, but choosing a partner that understands your needs and will give you the right coverage and suitable benefits.




Guardian General Insurance Jamaica Limited is the general insurance arm of Guardian Group, the largest insurance provider in the Caribbean - offering insurance covering commercial, liability, residential, motor and marine and the most comprehensive motor insurance product, called MotorGuard, to their clients.

With Guardian Generals' MotorGuard insurance, in cases of accidents, theft or loss, they offer a new car, key and windscreen replacement.

They also ensure that they are right by your side with Motor Assist, should you have a breakdown or accident. You can also enjoy the benefits of protected no-claim discount and also a replacement hire vehicle, should your car be stolen or you are inconvenienced by an accident.

There are so many more comprehensive benefits to enjoy with Guardian Generals' MotorGuard Insurance.

Their customer service agents pride themselves in spending the time, understanding and care to guide and review with clients the process of opening policies, providing tailor-made coverage, and ensuring that you are rightly compensated should you have a major accident, injury or flood.




They encourage that while you shop around or renew your motor insurance, ask your broker about MotorGuard.

Guardian General Insurance will be bringing a 'new flavour' to Restaurant Week for diners - as you share in the dining experience, save your receipts to enjoy discounted motor vehicle premiums.*

See you during Restaurant Week. As you journey, remember to wear your seat belts, drink responsibly and 'get there safely.'

*Conditions apply