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Roadblock forces closure of Dinthill high school

Published:Monday | November 13, 2017 | 1:12 PMRuddy Mathison
Dinthill Technical High School students head home as protest actions force administrators to close the school. – Ruddy Mathison Photos
A section of the Linstead main road near Bog Walk blocked with trees.

A roadblock along the Linstead main road in St Catherine has brought commercial activities between Linstead and Bog Walk to a standstill.

This also resulted in the closure of the Dinthill Technical High School.

Residents blocked the main road early this morning to protest over the poor road condition.

The commute between Bog and Linstead was made impossible, forcing residents to walk several miles to get to their destination as public transport providers suspended their service.

Dean of Student Affairs at Dinthill Technical, Wentworth Kelly, says classes were suspended to give teachers and students a chance get back home before dark.

A crew from the National Works Agency (NWA) is now trying to clear the roadblock that extends for several miles.

A spokesman for the NWA crew told our news centre that they are experiencing difficulty clearing the blockade as residents remount them as soon as they are cleared.