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Readers react to Hanna's 'sleeveless' dress in Parliament

Published:Thursday | November 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Lisa Hanna on the Opposition benches in her cap sleeve dress Wednesday - Lionel Rookwood photo

There has been a flood of reactions to the decision of St Ann South East MP Lisa Hanna to wear what was perceived to be a sleeveless dress.

"It is attention-seeking," said St Andrew West Rural MP Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, in an off-mic comment on Wednesday.

Hanna was wearing a black cap sleeve dress.

A cap sleeve extends only a short distance from the shoulder and tapers to nothing under the arm

House Speaker Pearnel Charles has written to Hanna reminding her of the dress code as set out in the Standing Orders or the rules of Parliament which precludes sleeveless dresses.

Here are some of the reactions posted on The Gleaner platforms.

Karen Anderson:
This is why productive business cannot get done for the country ... to be discussing sleeves.  Even though there is a dress code, Ms Hanna looks very professional. Juliet Cuthbert Flynn get with the program and stop wasting time.

Analee Clarke:
The House Speaker needs to find something to do and leave Lisa alone! That's not sleeveless! Ridiculous!

Tony James:
I believe that in modern society, one should be allowed to wear what is comfortable to them.

Ra Nella:
Women need to stick together and stop putting down one another. As women, talk to each other, protect each other, compliment, support, correct, and encourage. There is more to be concerned about in Jamaica than Ms Hanna's dress.

Sharon Banton:
I find that all of a sudden someone is out for her. Few weeks ago they ask her to step down and accused her. This week it's her dress. OK, she gets it. You can't keep a person down these people get pay to talk about a dress, and even so, why it had to make news? My gosh!

I can't believe this is what the MPs in Gordon House are concerned about while crime and criminals are running amok! Seriously ??? Rome is burning!

While crime and criminals are running amok -- why don't we just break every established rules and decorum. I am sure if the PM Holness or his predecessor Simpson-Miller showed up to a sitting of the House in sweat pants it would acceptable.

Lisa doesn't have to seek attention it comes to her

Juliet wrote the book on attention seeking

Well I think Miss Hanna was properly dressed. And the rule book needs changing! That dress would also be appropriate for hospital visit. Some of these ridiculous power-play rules needs revisiting. The Speaker needs to define sobriety to include not just the physical but.the sleepers and those who come with company spirits and others!

Nothing but distraction from the egregious breach of the Standing Order of parliament in passing the intrusive NIDS bill. This is a relic of British colonial days.

What British Colonial archaic bull? And, Jamaica is not Arabia. We don't wear Burkas to work. The rules must be modernised so that it is clearly stated that commenting on a woman's dress at work is sexual harassment. Leave that kind of behaviour to Donald Trump. Ms. Hanna is appropriately dressed. That House Speaker and the other women criticising Ms. Hanna should look at their motives. Women are each others worst enemy! At a time when there is a strong movement pushing to eliminate sexual harassment, sexual predation by men, and male-power plays in the workplace Ms. Cuthbert Flynn should be ashamed for aligning herself to a cause that is clearly meant to dehumanise and de-legitimise a fellow female Parliamentarian and woman at work.

Away with your colonial days' outfit and concentrate on the murders and the crime dogs that are creating havoc in the nation. Let's discuss what our people wake up to every day and leave petty stuff alone. Let's read the newspapers and listen to the news in parliament and try to figure out which citizen will be alive after. 

Oh well. There is actually nothing wrong with her dress. Don't waste time on that guys, focus on the real issues.

Lisa is the only MP who is more attractive the less she wears. 

Drea Whittaker 
She should have worn a bathing suit. All men who are criminals would put down their illegal guns and bow down and worship at her feet.

Duke Prepre
Why don't the House publish the letter, it would be a good topic for a social media debate.