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PM: Jamaica not under tsunami threat

Published:Wednesday | January 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has indicated that Jamaica is officially not under threat from a tsunami.

The prime minister provided the update in a post on Twitter.

Jamaica had been monitoring the situation after, earlier Tuesday night, a  magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck in the Caribbean Sea between the coast of Honduras and the Cayman Islands, causing officials to warn people around the region to be alert to the threat of possible tsunami surges.

Advisories had been issued stressing that people in Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands as well as on the coasts of Mexico and Central America should be aware of the tsunami danger. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center had indicated that sea levels could rise from a foot to three feet (0.3 to 1 metre) above normal.