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Earth Today | Recycle challengers surpass target

Published:Wednesday | July 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Proving that they are not one to be outdone, front-runners ZIP 103 FM recently concluded a bottle drive at the Dyke Road Fishing Village and then went on to host another in Ocho Rios earlier this week.
In it to win it, Fidelity Motors, while occupying 3rd place, are eager to spread the message of recycling and have had a steady flow of collections.
Newport West-based Chad-Ad Distributors have been giving challengers a run for their money. Chad-Ad is currently occupying second place and is eager to regain the top spot.

SOME 180,906 plastic bottles have been collected since May 28 in the Wisynco ECO Recycle Challenge, thanks to the collective efforts of its six corporate challengers.

The challengers - The Gleaner Company, ZIP 103 FM, Tank-Weld Metals, Fidelity Motors (Nissan), Chad-Ad Distributors Limited, and Chilitos JaMexican Restaurant - all played their part to get Jamaicans recycling and have very nearly doubled the target of 100,000 bottles collected, set almost two months ago.

Here's how they did it.

ZIP103 FM, despite a slow start, gradually gained momentum in the challenge, utilising their social-media platforms together with the power of radio to make it happen.

With the help of their listeners, staff and visiting artistes at bottle drives and outdoor broadcasts across the island, they've managed to collect more than 68,464 bottles.


Bottle drive


A community clean-up by Chad-Ad and a bottle drive by Fidelity Motors give them a total of 57,662 and 27,258 bottles collected, respectively. Tank-Weld Metals has collected a total of 13,266 bottles.

Chilitos has raked in 9,680 bottles, by involving their customers in recycling, and even offering discounts to customers who brought in bottles.

Having collected 4,576 bottles, The Gleaner used its media reach to get its readers more involved, proving that there is power in using your voice to make a change.

"We are proud to have hosted this challenge. Everyone who has been involved has walked away with a different outlook on how they manage their waste and how they can make a difference, and so we will continue to encourage all Jamaicans to take part in this revolution," said environment communications officer with Wisynco, Shelly-Ann Dunkley.

"As our challengers have exceeded the goal, this is a sign of great things to come. We are encouraged by this and we will continue pushing for recycling to become a habit we all practice," she added.

"The Recycle Challenge, which ends tomorrow (July 20), was designed to increase awareness about our need to recycle, and we have shown that recycling is something we all can get involved in," Dunkley noted further.